Fitness Photography

Hey Everybody!

I just wanted to share some recent updates with you.  Lately, I have been really excited to be making a move into fitness photography. I'm bringing all my knowledge of lighting from portraits to help bring out a more gritty advertising feel to these photographs. Essentially, I'm trying to provide a service where you can receive top notch photos at a great price. These photos can showcase what you have already achieved, or goals you are currently working towards. I'm hoping to reach out to everybody involved in fitness.  Whether you are a trainer, a professional body builder, or avid gym member, I can help capture your goals in the making!

I want to thank Walter Daly for letting me crash his workout this past Friday at Crossfit San Mateo:Team Elite. We were able to get some awesome shots!

Walter copy.jpg

A few weeks back I had another buddy, Adam let me take some photos as well and here is one that we got. 



Let me know what you guys think! If you are interested in something like this send me a message here.


Thank you,