Go Explore! : Episode 1

Hey Everybody!

So I came up with this great idea for a blog series just as I was writing this post about my weekend exploring the hills off of Highway 9. Simply the new blog series is called "Go Explore!" The idea behind this is for me to share a lot of these spots that I have came across over the years and even new ones I may come across in the future. Wether they are popular locations or somewhat secret I want to share all of these amazing, breath taking, inspirational places that I find. This also gives you the chance to post replies in the comments on some cool places that you think I should check in the future, which could mean that I could post some awesome pictures of the places you suggested for you to keep!

So I'm starting this off with Highway 9 near Saratoga. I was up in the hills just leaving the range when the scenery urged me to pull over. There was a dense fog covering the mountain side and while it was pretty dark from the storm clouds higher up there was still plenty of light coming through to light the trees up. It was pouring out that day which made it a little challenging, mainly because a camera body is only weather sealed to a certain extent and it had me a little worried (not as much as later though..you will see.) 

Highway 9:  Ive always liked this certain look in nature. It just reminds me of driving up to my cabin when I was a kid and that's something I like to apply to my photos. Emotion from memory. 

This would be something I would advise against. Low visibility and standing in the road just beyond a turn made me feel uneasy. Keep your ears open!

I made my way down Highway 9 stopping on the side of the road every quarter of a mile or so snapping photos until I came to a sign that pointed to Sanborn park. It pointed me up a steep two lane road. I made it no more than three hundred feet past the turn off when I saw a creek that caught my eye. Which after pulling a quick u-turn I promptly grabbed my equipment and set off on a hike. 

This place was amazing. Tall Redwoods and Oaks provided cover from the rain there was no shortage of greenery around this creek either. There is a nice trail that follows pretty close to the creek, but I opted for walking along/through the creek in my sweet waterproof boots.


I should note that because you have waterproof boots with amazing grip doesn't mean that you won't slip on those slimy rocks. Let's just say the other clothing items I was wearing were not waterproof either and I'm glad nobody else was around...Camera survived! I gently tossed it aside.

Soaked, I continued my hike for probably a quarter of a mile through the creek to search for some bigger "waterfalls." I came across an area which had a man made wall or foundation which was odd. Near it was some bigger "falls" and also some deep ponds. Steering clear of the deeper water I walked onto the trail to see where I could get some good photos without chancing it again..no dice. I hopped rock to rock even aiming for shallow water, but at this point it didn't make a difference!


So now my camera and I were drenched and I felt I did enough exploring for today. I definitely want to return to hike more of the trail when it's more dry out! I pulled up more info and it seems like a great hike to do on a weekend. It connects with Castle Rock 16 miles up trail, which would make for a great photo hike. Here is more information on the Sanborn Trail

I hope you all enjoyed this and I will talk to you all soon!